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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

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Me and Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part VI

Thanks to the concerted efforts of my family and our neighbor to the right, Mr. Benson, LIW has agreed to finally take a ride in the car. She’s been promised a glut of rewards, one of which includes (not to her knowledge) a trip to the doctor for a physical. My parents want to make […]

Me and Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part the Third

When L.I.W. finally wakes up, she’s in a foul mood. First, she demands biscuits, and then, inexplicably, raisin pie. We don’t have those things, I tell her, rather sharply. We have cereal. Want some of that? She stares at me, and for a block of time neither one of us blinks. Then, suddenly, L.I.W. bursts […]

Me and Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part the Second

Surprisingly, Laura Ingalls Wilder isn’t impressed by the items constantly kept cold. I’m becoming less impressed with Laura Ingalls Wilder. She doesn’t understand how lucky she is to be in this world. Where road trips can happen at 60 miles per hour, in the comfort of our station wagon. We’re standing in our warm garage. […]