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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Tag / pilot season

5 Minute Wednesday: In Which I Attempt to Smell Some Kind of Rose

[In which I type for 5 minutes straight stopping only when the timer goes ding] We’re winding down a time of year lovingly known in the industry as Pilot Season. You’d think there’d be something to do with actual steering, given the pilot metaphor, but it usually feels fairly rudderless. It can be a time […]

5 minute Wednesday: Procrastination & Puppies

[In which I type for five straight minutes stopping only when the timer goes ding] I’m not going to lie. I’m using this blog to hide from exercise. That’s right, I hate working out. Okay, fine. Sometimes it’s bearable. I hate the thought of working out. But usually, I feel really good afterwards. I just […]