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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

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Dwell Much

Well, we moved. Okay, we paid three guys to move us, and C and I scuttled around trying not to get in the way. Actually, we helped out. Because it’s by the hour, yo. So why sit on your ass when you can move things along. Riiiiiiiight? Freaking exhausting. But we and three non-English-speaking mammals […]


I know there’s a name for this. Generously, it might be called “nesting.” But what C and I do immediately upon entering a hotel room is this: We strew our clothing about the place, explode toiletries into the bathroom, start a dirty laundry pile in the corner, and leave half-eaten apples and bags of pretzels […]


Well, something’s going on because the helicopter is circling like a mosquito. When it passes overhead, the desk rumbles a little. I hear sirens. We moved from downtown a month ago, where helicopters and sirens were three square a day, but somehow, in this even slightly more suburban setting, it feels more dangerous. C says […]

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