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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

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I’m staring at Julianne’s boots. They’re up past her knees, and her slim thighs emerge like stems. She’s recently told me I look skinnier, which I’m a little baffled by, but also flattered. You must understand – Julianne is lovely. That, and her skill with scissors, must be why she’s inundated with clients. Julianne’s cutting […]

Adoption: Part 1?

Lying in a huge bed, alone, in Vancouver BC (more on that later), I’ve just remembered something. After tucking me in at night, my mother would say “Sleep in peace” in Korean. My white, raised in Yakima, Washington,  directly-descended-from-those-hapless-souls-on-the-Mayflower mother. I can’t remember ever not knowing about my adoption. In the same way people recall […]