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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

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5 Minute Wednesday: In Which I Attempt to Smell Some Kind of Rose

[In which I type for 5 minutes straight stopping only when the timer goes ding] We’re winding down a time of year lovingly known in the industry as Pilot Season. You’d think there’d be something to do with actual steering, given the pilot metaphor, but it usually feels fairly rudderless. It can be a time […]

No-Pants Lady

No-Pants Lady has a new hair style. She certainly didn’t do it for me, but I appreciate it, because it makes her even easier to spot. Now, in a sea of tourists and locals, her shock of white-blonde hair is a beacon. Sometimes, days will go by without seeing No-Pants Lady. This unsettles me. I […]

The Great Southern (California) Journey

The first time I moved to downtown LA, I felt like Shackleton. The Heroic Age of Independent Exploration. I was recently separated from a 10-year marriage and wanted to get far, far away. Luckily, if you live across the city from each other, the odds of an awkward run-in are significantly reduced. Unless you go […]

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