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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Tag / driving

5 minute Wednesday – Afield and Afoot

I’m clearly getting old. How do I know this? Because everyone but me drives like a maniac. It’s true. No signals. No brakes. No checking over the shoulder before whipping into the lane RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. And, okay, I’ve had my share of road faux pas. But still. They’re all maniacs. What’s everyone […]

Her Majesty

Kids think I’m a bad-ass. Well, only because I’m on our scooter, and for a scooter, it’s pretty bad-ass. When I’m at the front of the line at a stoplight, kids crossing the street will crane around and check me out – that’s right, it’s a girl on this 400cc snarler. My sun visor is […]