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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

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joyOdowntown birth date

That’s right, friends. joyOdowntown will make its debut on February 14, 2016. Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait to share the love! joyOdowntown is already on instagram, twitter and pinterest. Click here to sign up for the adventure!

The Hood

I saw Robin Hood today at 4:15pm at the Arclight. Here’s what I came away with: (Spoiler Alert: There is none.) You put anyone in a cape, he looks like a badass. Cate Blanchett has amazing skin. Prince and then King John was a bit of a party pooper. Robin Hood liked to fight with […]


Well, something’s going on because the helicopter is circling like a mosquito. When it passes overhead, the desk rumbles a little. I hear sirens. We moved from downtown a month ago, where helicopters and sirens were three square a day, but somehow, in this even slightly more suburban setting, it feels more dangerous. C says […]