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5 minute Wednesday: Acting Despite

[In which I type for five straight minutes stopping only when the timer goes ding] So, I’m totally hooked on The Tobolowsky Files, a podcast with character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. I forget how I found it, but it’s fantastic. Most episodes I laugh out loud…a few have made me cry, and some make me howl […]

5 minute Wednesday: Feast or Famine

The acting profession is weird. Anyone who’s in it knows this, and we just take it for granted. There’s this bizarre phenomenon that happens – you’ll go for ages without an audition, without a peep from your agent/manager/masseuse/acupuncturist and then BLAMMO! Gobs of auditions!! Maybe you even book something!! What the what? It’s like a […]

5 minute Wednesday: A Nickel for Your Thoughts

[Wherein I type for 5 straight minutes and stop only when the timer goes DING] So an actor friend of mine just got a residual check for $.05, and thanks to the trusty SAG website, I happen to know that I’ll be receiving one, too. FIVE cents. A nickel. I’m sure it takes more to […]

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