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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

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Not Quite Chocolate

I’m hardly unique in my love for chocolate, but I may be in regard to my ability to accidentally purchase not quite chocolate. Today, after a bracing New York winter walk, I jammed myself through the doors of a “gourmet” “market” and bought myself what I thought was candy. Well, kind of. Sadly, this has […]

This, too

Two summers ago, I lived in New York. C had already been working there for about eight months, and as the fates sometimes throw happy surprise parties, I got a job that took me there, too. It was August, it was sweltering in that particular Manhattan way, and in a fit of YOLO (god, I […]

The East Meadow

Today has been a shambly kind of day. Which is pretty much the perfect Sunday. Rain coursed from the heavens last night, which is a lovely way to go to sleep, knowing the morning will be freshly scrubbed. I’m writing this from a perfect rock-perch in the East Meadow of Central Park. I had this […]

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