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Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

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Laura Ingalls Wilder and Me Part XVII: The Internets

LIW has discovered Buzzfeed. My parents bought her an iPad air (the engraving reads FOR OUR DEAREST LIW), and she’s watched Americans try Asian Snacks about 50 times. Every time she watches she turns to me and says, You’re an Asian Snack, and if my parents aren’t around I give her a good, hard pinch. […]

Me and Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part VI

Thanks to the concerted efforts of my family and our neighbor to the right, Mr. Benson, LIW has agreed to finally take a ride in the car. She’s been promised a glut of rewards, one of which includes (not to her knowledge) a trip to the doctor for a physical. My parents want to make […]

Me and Laura Ingalls Wilder: Part V

(The part in which things become most definitely unraveled.) It’s been 47 days, nine hours, 22 minutes and thirteen, fourteen, fifteen – LIW is part of the family. She’s inserted herself so neatly into our lives that when I try to remember what it was like pre-LIW my brain stutters. It looks like she’s going […]

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