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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Category / deep thoughts

Getting Shit Done

Even I admit this is odd. The building next door is undergoing intense renovation to convert it from a (I’m guessing) former factory/warehouse to (sure about this) multiple dwellings. The notice tacked up in our elevator warns that the first part of the process will be the noisiest. Because, jackhammers. In parts of Britain, they’re […]

Step Away from the Wall

So I stayed off FB for nine days. Then yesterday I decided to check in, and see if I missed it, or if it felt any different. Nope and nope. Pretty much the same all the way around…I had a bunch of notifications, but all were events, pages, etc.. So…kind of like checking the garage […]

This, too, Shall Pass

I’m currently experiencing the kind of sore throat that started as a tickle in my left ear, grew to full-on sore on the left side of my neck, expanded to include both sides of my throat overnight, and now also resides firmly in both ears. Sore throats sort of slay me. I sleep a lot, […]

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