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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

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Shine: Family

(I told this story recently as part of the Shine storytelling event. The theme was “Family.”) I love Korean food. We live in a city with the highest concentration of Koreans outside of Seoul, so there are a ton of restaurants. And when I first walk in, I am an awesome Korean. “Annyounghaseyo,” I say, […]

Needle in a Stack of Needles

I began my birth family search with energy. Filled out all the forms. Blew the dust off my adoption records and dutifully found as many “facts” as I could. And then – dead end. With the information I have, there’s really nowhere to go. Unless I try some other routes. After meeting with some friends […]


Most adoptees have heard the words “Real Parents” many, many times. As in: Do you ever want to find your Real Parents? Even though I get it, I understand what people mean, I’ve always found this annoying. When I’m feeling universal, I’ll respond, Searching for your Birth Family/Biological Family is a really personal decision. Sometimes, […]

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