New blog coming in 2016! About living in DTLA in a loft, with a family!

If you’re a reader here, you know I often write about downtown Los Angeles, and the endless inspiration and food for thought it provides on a daily basis.

I’ve lived in DTLA for six years. It’s the first place in Los Angeles that has truly felt like home.

With C, C jr and Arlo, this corner of the city has become a canvas for adventure, and considering how often I’m asked for restaurant recommendations, activity and event ideas, and questions like You live where? How close to Skid Row? Do you feel safe? You have BEEHIVES??? I thought it was time to put some faces on the reality of family living in DTLA.

Because this area is changing so quickly, it’s difficult to keep up. There are growing numbers of families with young kids living down here, and there aren’t too many resources.

So, I shall endeavor to be resourceful.

I’d love for you to join me on this particular journey. You can sign up here:

The plan is to create a place where readers can get a taste for what it’s like living in an urban, diverse, pedestrian, evolving part of Los Angeles, in a loft that demands creative solutions for the day-to-day.

If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to live in DTLA, in a loft, with a kid and a dog and about 60,000 bees – look no further!

You can also find joyOdowntown on Instagram and Twitter.

This blog will continue to be a place where writing takes place, but the new blog will focus on DTLA.

Sign up for updates about the website launch later in 2016, great new content, guest posts, contests, and what will likely be one of the most bizarre adventures I and my family will experience.

And thank you. You’re all very beautiful and talented.