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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / January 2015

Into the 14-year-old Wild

C jr has elected to celebrate her birthday in the wilderness and brought two friends eager to experience piercingly clean air. There has been a bit of hiking, some hatcheting of kindling, some axe-ing of wood, and hill climbing. The kids blow on the fire. The dog watches through one eye, exhausted from attention. C […]

Five Minute Wednesday: A Brand New Swirl

[In which I type for five straight minutes stopping only when the timer goes ding] We’re getting a new toilet. Let me say that again: WE’RE GETTING A NEW TOILET! Yes, I’m unabashedly excited. It’s gonna be an eco thing, the toilet. Uses less water. Mixes in some air. Flushing with pride we will be. […]


In second grade I yearned to play the viola. The reason I yearned to play the viola was that Matt played the viola and to my 8-year-old eyes, Matt was a Hero. I’m not sure why. He wasn’t that much older than me. He had a little sister he beat up constantly. He wasn’t particularly […]

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