Thank you, Spotify.

My building’s HVAC has been experiencing a series of adjustments/repairs/fine-tunings/repairs that eventually resulted in a sort of pulsing thrum that, in the wee sma hours, is capable of sending me over the sharp edge. In the meantime, as the powers that be (A very friendly guy named Mike) figure out the sonic dissonance issue, I’m playing Spotify almost 24/7. I favor the acoustic stuff, and at night, three solid hours of oceanic crashing.

I’m also currently doing battle with a demoralizing cold. The great leveler, a cold.

But today I’m attempting to fake it out, the cold. I got up, took a shower, did my hair and makeup, put on clothes with actual fasteners, leashed up the dog, and headed out on a small errand.

It was exhausting.

I caught a glimpse of myself as we were walking, and I looked like a shut-in forced to endure a few minutes of sunlight.

But I got out. I ventured forth. Because believe me: Yesterday I was not fit for man nor beast. Yesterday I was a mass of writhing, gooey atoms. Today I am slightly less so.

Now I shall wait for my groceries to be delivered.