This is what it looks like to be C jr.

A nice chunk of July was spent bobbing in the bath that is the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of North Carolina.

When we’re there, I relax into a state that cares not for date, time, or hurry. There are cousins running everywhere, bacon in the mornings, and an adults-only slushie called Sneaky Pete.

It’s here that I’m given the gift of those small flashes of insight – that it’s just one go-around, folks. That the things I get twisted into worrying about don’t really matter. That I’m lucky, lucky to have family and friends whom I love and who love me immediately back.

As C jr and I continue sharing parts of our lives together, I’m given so many opportunities to watch her build a foundation of womanhood. She gravitates to ideas that are inclusive, to humor in all things, and has an innate sense of justice. I can definitely draw lines to how these qualities have been passed down by the adults in her life, but I firmly believe she arrived in this world with much of herself intact. I am heartened just thinking about how she’ll continue to affect the world.