So I stayed off FB for nine days. Then yesterday I decided to check in, and see if I missed it, or if it felt any different.

Nope and nope.

Pretty much the same all the way around…I had a bunch of notifications, but all were events, pages, etc.. So…kind of like checking the garage to see if there’s any new stuff.

Taking a break from social media has also made me re-think how I experience things. In my heady days of posting, I’d find an article, image, idea, and want to “share” it immediately. Get a reaction, essentially. Which, okay, whatever, that’s human. But there have been so many things I’ve come across lately that I’ve chosen to experience all by myself. Which certainly hasn’t lessened their value.

It’s the old If a Tree Falls in the Woods conundrum – if you see something and no one else does, does it exist?

Is our need to share stuff how we validate each other nowadays? Do my likes or dislikes make anything more or less real? FB is essentially dumb-ing down our critical thinking skills by making us think we can “like” or “dislike” something, dust off our hands, and be done with it.

I should say that I haven’t experienced a major shift in the amount of time I spend with other people. I love being with friends and always will. But I haven’t felt the need to plug my new-found free time with more socializing. Actually, it’s been an interesting study in how I exist on my own.

C and I have talked about meditation a decent amount, as of late, and I’m realizing that the first step may be turning off all the chatter valves that I can reach, the ones I can easily control. And seeing if my life can quiet even a little.