Like many, I’m at a loss.

I’m filled with grief, anger, hopelessness, profound despair.

And I want to take all of the people who defend guns and gun rights and the virtue of legal gun ownership over the acts of a crazy person, and plant them directly in front of a parent who lost a child today.

If being American is reduced to our right to carry a weapon, then I’m out. I don’t want any part of that America.

I love this country, but I’m often profoundly embarrassed by it and its people.

What are we doing? What are we thinking? Why are we treating each other this way? Why can’t people get access to health care – care that might prevent someone from acting on a violent fantasy? Why can I walk into a Walmart and buy a semi-automatic weapon?

It’s time to get angry. Angry about a seven-year old’s right to go to school, learn, and then come home. We’re so often angry about the wrong things. We should all agree to be angry about this.

And then, let’s do something. Write the POTUS. Hell, TWEET him. There’s no reason to unite in a giant, loud-as-fuck, ENOUGH.

Enough, enough, enough.