For the first time in years, the only thing I have to take care of is myself.

This is so freaking weird. C returned to LA with Arlo, so now it’s just me. Well, me and the occasional “water bug” that waves its antennae, gleefully, in my face.

Literally, in my face. There was one sitting on the top of the refridgerator door, and when I bent down to look in, we were almost eye to eye.

I can scream loud.

Now that the fall breeze has officially swept in, I’m seeing less of them. I killed one the other day, but it was the first in awhile. Gah. I killed it three times. That’s how many time I slammed my boot down on it. Woudn’t stop wriggling. Then I squinted my eyes to blur the carcass and pried it off the floor with a huge mass of paper towels. Fucking GROSS.

Officially a New Yorker, I’m told. Meh. Could have done without that particular rite. Even now, I enter the apartment warily, which pisses me off. What I should do is blast in and send any of the bastards scattering.

But in I creep.

So I’m all alone, and I’m finding it bizarre. I forget there’s no dog to take out, no cat poo to scoop. C and I have gotten quite good at soldiering on when apart, but still, it doth suck.

The other night, I was awakened in the wee sma by a man having a diabetic seizure right under my window. Apparently, he had torn out of his building just a few doors down, followed by his wife. The man was bellowing in pain, and was completely incoherent. His wife asked passersby for help, and wound up surrounded by some truly non-helpful folk.

Two of the guys almost got into fisticuffs as the poor diabetic seizure man was lying, distraught, on the sidewalk.

I mean, what the hell. Pick your battles, gentlemen.

I watched the entire thing from the window, feeling nervous and morbidly curious.

Eventually, the ambulance came, and some more, oddly non-helpful EMTs. They stood by the man and listened to his wife tell the story and the history. They ignored the various men who tried to vie for attention regarding their personal responses and opinions about the situation. Then they offered to help the diabetic seizure man back to his apartment.

That’s it? Not even a sit-down in the back of the ambulance? I was confused.

And then, after everyone left, very, very awake.

I get it, New York City. You never sleep.