Painting by M. Allison

This is a first.

I’m sitting in a coffeeshop (okay, a freaking St*rbucks for the free wifi) and doing one of these entries. After a desert of no writing, here I am.

And ironically, I’m sort of wordless.

I saw Clybourne Park this afternoon, and freaking loved it.
I’m seeing C after about a month-and-a-half of only facetime (bless it, but it just ain’t the same)
I’m walking the High Line, which I always, always love.
I saw Cabin in the Woods and loved it.
(I don’t like horror films)
I’ve been walking briskly down the sidewalks of Manhattan, trying to blend in.
I got very impatient in Times Square with the bumbling tourists who stop midstep to take photos.
(I have been one of those bumblers)
I’ve embraced friends I see only once or twice a year.
I’ve laughed until my eyes leaked at stories, reminiscings, and jokes.
(That’s one of my absolute favorite things to do)
I’ve shopped in shops that don’t exist in LA and felt damn proud of myself for NOT going into Anthr*pologie.
I’ve eaten one of the most amazing series of dishes I’ve ever experienced.
I’ve been accosted by a man in a trenchcoat who handed me