long beach flea market

Okay, so this must be some kind of record. I haven’t done one of these in…forever. I could probably spend the entire five minutes trying to remember the last time I –


February has been one of those insane months that ticks by without any permission. Fine, fine, say I, since it’s one less month that C will be far away in NY. Good thing he’s doing amazing work with amazing people, or I’d be throwing one long hissy fit.

I’m struck today by how much information we receive. Each night before I go to bed I usually read Flipboard on my iPad…on it are several feeds, design blogs, Letters of Note, news, etc.. Sometimes I swear I can feel the card catalog of my brain flipping, flipping, madly trying to sort via Dewey Decimal.

Sidenote: C jr likes this Dewey Decimal rap that can be found on youtube. Consider yourself warned. It’s goddamn catchy.

I got to have C jr for a three-day weekend, recently, and we crammed more into that time than I would have thought possible. There’s an enormous flea market down in Long Beach that I’ve been dying to go to…so we trekked down there with some friends and went nuts.

What I love about C jr is her appreciation for aesthetic and things with a story. I bought her this amazing, vintage suitcase that has clasps! and interior fabric that hooks! and elastic fabric pockets for