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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / February 2012

5 minute Wednesday: The Return

Okay, so this must be some kind of record. I haven’t done one of these in…forever. I could probably spend the entire five minutes trying to remember the last time I – OKAY. February has been one of those insane months that ticks by without any permission. Fine, fine, say I, since it’s one less […]


Welp. I had a great day. One of those AH. PRODUCTIVE. CREATIVE-type days. Picked up Arlo from doggie daycare, parked, walked the couple blocks to my building, reached for my keys… GONE. Let me be clear: I have approximately 15 keys. Keys/fobs for such destinations as the car, scooter, scooter lock, house, beekeeping, business mailbox, […]


11 Random Things

After reading my dear friend’s wonderful blog – The Actor’s Diet – I was inspired to take up the challenge of writing 11 Random Things about myself. So, here goes. 1. As a kid, I was deathly afraid of slugs. Not just, like, ew, a slug…like AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! and shrieking and flailing and immobility and tears […]