[in which I type for 5 straight minutes stopping only when the timer goes ding]

There is no possible way to encapsulate how Steve Jobs has affected my life in five minutes, but I’ll keep typing until I can. The fact that I’m writing this on one of his company’s latest pieces of genius, the iPad 2 is only the tip of the iceberg.

How SJ envisioned the world and our interaction with it changed everything. He shifted paradigms the size of boulders with ease. Every other brand copies his ideas. The intuition of Apple products continue to amaze me.

That he was lost to cancer is one of those infuriating facts that makes me feel hopeless. I keep hearing about all these advances in cancer research — and that’s great — but then we lose this guy at 56. Dude changed the world. From a design standpoint. From a touch-this-and-this-will-happen standpoint. Who made the desktop, the desktop.

I love that SJ went to Reed College for six months and then dropped out because he didn’t see the point. I love that he had major failures, but kept moving forward. I love that he insisted on being passionate about what inspired him. And I love that so many people responded to that.

There’s much to be