Allrighty, then!

This summer has streaked by. Yes, naked.

lake chelanMe and the Cs spent some time swimming in this here lake. Several of my childhood summers were spent there, and the lake remains clean and cool and marvelous as ever. Introducing the people you love to the places you love is one of life’s great delights.

C and I have finally returned to ye olde homestead, and are settling back into such exotic tasks as consolidating the recycling and scooping the litterbox. And yet, today, I find myself filled with a kind of joyous expectation.

I’m about to cook something, which makes me happy. Then I will run some badly overdue errands, which also makes me happy. Then I will gather up C jr which makes me jumpy in my heart. Then I will go celebrate a dear friend and her pending nuptials. All this, it’s not even sunny, and I just feel good.

My point: It’s good to recognize these moments.

I’m a goddamn lucky human being, and I get that.