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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / June 2011

return of the jedi lunchbox

The Empire (sometimes) Strikes Back

I started Kindergarten with a The Empire Strikes Back lunchbox. Oh my lord, I loved that lunchbox. I chose it carefully, precisely because I was a huge Star Wars fan, and dreamt of being Han Solo. Forget Leia and her oversized buns. I wanted to be the rogue, the ne’er-do-well, the cad. Here’s what I […]


This is my sister. In this photo, shot three days ago, my sister is seven months pregnant. Isn’t she gorgeous? I spent the weekend with my sister and her partner, who, thank the gods of sibling protection, is wonderful. This is not something I take lightly, as there have been, in the past, some unsavory […]