Whoa! That was definitely longer than five days, but at least three days of that is my fault.

C and I were out of town being badasses with our business Curiocity up in the Bay Area, and then we came home and pilot season smacked right into me. C just did the final weekend of the play he’s been doing, and in three days he heads to NY for a many-monthed Broadway contract and I’m not going to think about that right now because I’m firmly in denial.


Right! So I heard from the folks at G.O.A.’L., which is where I started this process, and they told me I needed to fill out a form for the adoption agency that handled my adoption, which was Holt.

Here’s what Holt wants:

1. Case no.

2. Name – Korean and Present

3. Gender

4. Host Country

5. Birth Date

6. Address/Tel/Email

7. Adoptive Parents’ names

8. Self-Introduction

9. Request

What is this “request”? There’s a big blank box to write in….I request to meet a member of my biological family? I request to know why I didn’t grow up in Korea? I request your presence at the bar mitzvah of my neighbor’s nephew?

So, onward…