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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / February 2011


Most adoptees have heard the words “Real Parents” many, many times. As in: Do you ever want to find your Real Parents? Even though I get it, I understand what people mean, I’ve always found this annoying. When I’m feeling universal, I’ll respond, Searching for your Birth Family/Biological Family is a really personal decision. Sometimes, […]

The Search – Over?

Well, that was fast. After I sent the requested form to Holt Korea, I received a reply that same day: Dear Ms. Joy Osmanski, Thank you for your contact and the completed request form. To search birth family, we need any of identifying information about your birth family. But as you may know from your […]

The Search: More Application

Whoa! That was definitely longer than five days, but at least three days of that is my fault. C and I were out of town being badasses with our business Curiocity up in the Bay Area, and then we came home and pilot season smacked right into me. C just did the final weekend of […]