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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / January 2011

5 minute Wednesday: The Corner Store

C jr loves the corner store. It’s an adventure to take her little tin of random coins, head downstairs, out the door and traverse the half-block to the store that is, in fact, on the corner. It’s full of Mexican foods, and also some Kraft macaroni and cheese. There are a few bins with a […]

5 minute Wednesday: What’s in a Name

[wherein I type for five straight minutes stopping only when the timer goes ding] At 2am, while being carefully driven home in a snowstorm, I learned that my last name is famous. In Poland. About 300 years ago. But it was straight from the mouth of a Polish man, and he seemed very sure, so […]

Adoption: Part 1?

Lying in a huge bed, alone, in Vancouver BC (more on that later), I’ve just remembered something. After tucking me in at night, my mother would say “Sleep in peace” in Korean. My white, raised in Yakima, Washington,  directly-descended-from-those-hapless-souls-on-the-Mayflower mother. I can’t remember ever not knowing about my adoption. In the same way people recall […]

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