[In which I type for five straight minutes stopping only when the timer goes ding]

So, I’m totally hooked on The Tobolowsky Files, a podcast with character actor Stephen Tobolowsky.

I forget how I found it, but it’s fantastic.

Most episodes I laugh out loud…a few have made me cry, and some make me howl with recognition. Tobolowsky is an actor’s actor – and by that, I mean he’s completely honest about his experience and his reactions to events in his life.

And after listening, I always make a small offering to the gods of creativity.

I love being an artist. I love being passionate about what I do. I love caring so much, even though it means the low times can be LOW. But when I think about how many folks feel trapped in work they despise, I count all the lucky stars that for whatever crackpot reason, I’ve chosen to do THIS.

There’s a funny video circulating where an actor has to explain what he does to…well, to most people who aren’t actors. In one section, he explains that while he may not get a lot of monetary compensation, he feels paid in personal satisfaction, the unique joy of sharing art with an audie