Because I can, I’m listening to the new Kanye album while writing this.

His album entitled “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [Explicit].”

There, search engines. Happy now?

I’ve maintained a fairly distant relationship with Kanye for most of his musical life. I’ll catch some of his music occasionally, but I don’t stick around for the after party.

However, I heard a piece of his new album on NPR yesterday (Yes! HaHa!!! Larry Mantle AND Kanye West on the same station!! Haha!!) and was sort of struck by it.

So when I discovered that you can download the whole album for $3.99 on Amazon, I thought, hey, that’s less than most coffee drinks. Might as well.

I’m on track #6 and I LOVE IT.

Any rap artist that can use the word “sarcophagus” is pretty okay by me.


Kanye West album

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy