Money does often seem to make the world go….in a wibbly sort of path.

I have a love/hate thing with the moolah. It’s fun when you get, but it can be equally burdensome. The prospect of it can be extremely exciting – and I’m talking all prospects, from lottery tickets to tv gigs to temp work – but then it always, ALWAYS, goes so. dang. FAST.

What I’ve learned about the green is that it comes in waves. Feast or famine, indeed. But also – that neither state needs to render anyone helpless. I’ve worked with plenty of folks who are, as they say, rolling in it, and often, they’re profoundly unhappy. I’ve met people on government cheese who are downright happy with the world. Then I’ve met folks in between who pay their bills and manage to set a little aside, and they can range from all-out insane to hilarious raisers of wonderful children to total hypocrites to law-abiding volunteers at soup kitchens to Prop 19 supporters.

Basically, what I’m saying is that money can mold you, but I