The acting profession is weird.

Anyone who’s in it knows this, and we just take it for granted. There’s this bizarre phenomenon that happens – you’ll go for ages without an audition, without a peep from your agent/manager/masseuse/acupuncturist and then BLAMMO! Gobs of auditions!! Maybe you even book something!! What the what?

It’s like a mini-season, only there’s no calendar to tell you when it’s coming. Hahahahahahahaaaaaa – just the thought of there being some sort of time-telling indicator of success in acting makes me guffaw! HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

A dear friend of mine gave me some fantastic advice when I first came to LA. She said, I came here with the 20-year plan. That’s genius, I thought. For so many reasons.

I coach actors, at all levels, and I’ve definitely met a few who think all it takes is winning the lottery in a couple months. But, I say gently, you’re not even really playing the lottery yet. You’re just scratching at tickets that have already been scratched. Here, let’s try a completely different idea, and get you off buying those dang tickets. Because believe me, friends, the lottery, if it happens at all, usually only comes after years of playing the game.

Also, there are a bunch of small wins that no one really talks about. For instance – the audition. Just getting an audition is like winning at bingo.