[Wherein I type for 5 straight minutes and stop only when the timer goes DING]

So an actor friend of mine just got a residual check for $.05, and thanks to the trusty SAG website, I happen to know that I’ll be receiving one, too. FIVE cents. A nickel. I’m sure it takes more to process the check. In the spirit of being generous, I volunteer that they can keep my five cents. Save a tree and whatnot.

For cripes.

Another actor and I were talking this morning while I was taking his headshots, and we had a small ranty-rant about barcodes. Yes, commercial auditions require a barcode. Like, the ones you scan at the grocery store, yes. When this transition first happened, I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. I mean, isn’t it often dehumanizing enough? And now, we gotta have a BARCODE?

However, I get it. There are jillions of us, and it keeps all the information in one place. However, my headshot client had a good idea – get it tattooed. That way, you never have to carry it, and you’re making a savvy business statement at the same time. Hoowah.

Actors are a funny breed. We engage, hopefully daily, in a kind of seeming masochism. I know that when I try to explain what I do to a well-meaning family member, or someone in accounting, I’ll often see this small, mona lisa smile creep on to their faces. They hear the words, but inside they’re thinking, Jesus, she’s NUTS. Why would anyone sell themselves day after day in a market that’s clearly over-saturated?

The answer is