I love the concept of Labor Day. Day of no labor! Rejoice! Labor not!

Instead, gorge yourself with BBQ and beer and the anticipation of indigestion! URP.

I have a small remark to make about the progress of women. Stay with me. Please. See, I do some ghostwriting for a woman who’s a bit of a badass. She’s got her shit together in a way that can sometimes make me want to just lie down on a bed of twinkies and expire. Because really, what’s the point? She’s got a story of overcoming challenges that would make you clap loudly, and she’s often requested to speak at events that are designed to inspire women of all ages.

So, I was doing a bit of research on an organization that has asked her to do just that, and here’s some of the language I found on their website regarding an upcoming women empowerment conference:

One Extraordinary Day that Impacts a Lifetime!

(and then)

Health – Wealth – Leadership – Soul – Chocolate Fountains!

*chirp, chirp*

I’m sorry, but in the time that has passed since women went on hunger strikes to get the vote, surely, SURELY, we have moved beyond the need to bribe ourselves with the promise of liquid cacao in order to get butts in seats.

As I grow older and incrementally wiser, I find that scoffing is less and less attractive. HOWEVER. I think some loud and lustrous scoffing is due for this organization. Ladies, let’s not revert to the lunch. Instead, let’s continue to evolve. Daringly, may I suggest, without chocolate??

Labor Day began as a time to publicly recognize “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations.” Over time, it has dwindled into the symbolic end of summer. To this women’s empowerment organization, I offer this as a cautionary tale. You may think you’re standing for the rights and worth of women. Just make sure you don’t disintegrate into a sugary party favor.

Labor on, everyone.