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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / August 2010

Echo Echo

Eh. Feh. Weh. I’m guilt-blogging. That’s right. The only reason I’m typing is because I feel badly that I haven’t typed for awhile. And to whom do I feel badly? No one in particular. Just a sort of ephemeral guilt. Like Isadora Duncan’s scarf. With C gone to the hinterlands of Utah, I’ve been on […]

5 minute Wednesday: Ouch

(Wherein I type for 5 straight minutes and stop immediately when the timer goes off…) To continue my ever-loving search for a form of exercise that doesn’t kill me/bore me (same thing??) I’ve started doing The Bar Method, or as my friend M refers to it, BarM. Because BM is too reminiscent of something else […]


They’re gutting the house. There’s an old bureau, missing it drawers, that droops over the curb like a scolded child. Twin mattresses curl against bookshelves jammed under the stop sign. It started with a disappointed beanbag and has grown to a long, Depression Era line of rejected household organs. Chairs peeling paint and piles of […]

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