Last night was fitful.

Probably didn’t help that we saw Countdown to Zero, a great new doc about the ever-present threat of nuclear war. Like a lot of folks, I’ve just kind of assumed that those Cold War nukes have curled up in their Snuggies and napped. Nope. Many of them are still on high alert.

What I found most disturbing is the fact that IF it can happen, it WILL.

As long as these weapons exist, eventually, they will be used. There hasn’t been any real progress to reduce the number of nukes in 20 years. Any significant progress. Obama’s done a bit, but what the hell are we still doing in this world with these insane devices pointed at each other? I was startled to learn how many times a nuke has almost gone off. Sometimes, by accident.


The ramifications of one of these things exploding in a major city is incomprehensible. I’d rather be smack in the middle than, say, about eight miles away. That’s where you are aware you’re dying a horrible death.

I know this 5-minute Wednesday isn’t a pick-me-up, but if there’s any over-arching issue that we should be paying more attention to, it’s this. Let’s work to feed kids, cure diseases, save the whales. But it’s all a moot point if one of these fuckers ever goes off.