Today was a Free Day!

As in – I made a long list of things I needed to accomplish, and then felt free to ignore it.

Heh. No, I actually managed to cross off a hefty portion of the list, which I continue to find uniquely satisfying. Sometimes I write items I’ve ALREADY accomplished on a list, just so I can cross them out. So what.

I did get very excited about going to Costco, only to forget that on Sundays, it closes at 7pm. GAH. All my fantasies of huge flats of peaches, gargantuan cartons of baby lettuce, and C’s crate of beer wafted away. Luckily, we’d already made it to In-N-Out and IKEA, or the day really would have been a bust.

Why is the “N” in In-N-Out capitalized?

C is currently reading a pulp novel loaned by a neighbor…he’s skimming it out of obligation. He must really be hard up. The last book I read was Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and besides totally freaking me out in parts, it gripped me for six solid hours.

Back when I was under five feet, I used to be able to read like that all the time. The library was my mecca. Stacks and stacks of books. I’d get them home and proceed to blast through them with the kind of voracious appetite I now experience when in the presence of cheese. Long after we were supposed to be asleep, my sister and I would creep out of bed and lie on our respective carpets, open books pushed into the angle of light from the hall lamp, and read, blissfully, on our stomachs, for hours. If we heard parent footsteps we’d spring up and into bed soundlessly, hearts pounding.

Maybe that’s what I’m missing these days. The danger of getting caught.

Come to think of it, that made a lot of things more fun.