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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / August 2010

Landing Gear

Just touched down on the home soil of angels…only there wasn’t exactly a choir singing praises as we trundled home in our mini-van cab. Where you go? Mid City. Where? That’s right, we live in a relatively nondescript section of LA. I have grand plans for its future, but in the meantime, someone’s building a […]

5 minute Wednesday: Diary of an Insomniac

(In which I write for five straight minutes and stop immediately when the timer goes DING) Not to be histrionic, but occasionally I have trouble sleeping. I wouldn’t actually characterize it as insomnia, because I feel I lack the glamour of someone who careens around in the wee hours writing dark insights into her own […]

5 minute Wednesday: The Body Makes Sounds

Okay, folks, so this one’s about poo. Well, more about the fact that for some reason, most women fear the sound of public pooing more than Jack Bauer not being around in the case of world disaster. Why is this? Why do women go into a public restroom stall, shut the door, and then hover, […]

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