Again: writing for a straight 5 minutes without stopping…until the 5 minutes is up and I stop wherever I am

This morning I watched a morbidly fascinating vid of Lindsay Lohan arriving 11 hours late for a photoshoot…and then getting petted and primped and fawned over and it was all very disgusting.  This is clearly a huge part of the problem. Not that I follow LL news with much vigor – but honestly, if you watch any of the entertainment sites, or industry sites, she’s bound to turn up.

Basically, she seems to live in a fiberglass bubble. In her world, basic behavior skills have gone the way of the dodo simply because they’re not necessary. The rest of us, for the most part, must agree to engage in some kind of mutual courtesy. But not LL, and not many of her compatriots. I watch her downward spiral with a look of aghast amazement, and yet, it’s like a math problem. If x + y times z is allowed to happen again and again, then it will = LL.

Cautionary tale for everyone who plays a role in raising a girl. Good lord. Terrifying.

I watch C jr navigate her life relatively free from the stupidity which is most of the TV aimed at her demographic. I wasn’t allowed to watch a bunch of crap when I was a kid, and I think it’s great that her mom doesn’t allow her to do so, either. Of course, she is allowed to watch a certain Nickelodeon show, but I must argue that it provides a great lead role model, and great writing.

What are your thoughts about child porn – oops, I mean, child stars? I’d like to mix in some compassion here, but