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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / July 2010

Tread Softly and Carry an Iron Pen

Los Angeles is filled with apartments. If you live here, chances are, you’ve lived in an apartment. Or, if you’re like my downstairs neighbors, this is your very, very first. Your first widdle apawtment wid its widdle wooms and widdle pwaces to sit and make widdle din-dins and goo goo ga ga PFFTTTTTTT. I apologize: […]

Stitching Time

Every day should start with the feeling of a successful new haircut. Exciting. Intoxicating. Confidence-boosting. Light. I had all those things, plus a wonderful pool-side lunch with C, a lovely friend, her lovely husband, and their wonderful pooch. Then, while on the scooter, I turned my head to check the lane next to me and […]

5 minute Wednesday

Again: writing for a straight 5 minutes without stopping…until the 5 minutes is up and I stop wherever I am This morning I watched a morbidly fascinating vid of Lindsay Lohan arriving 11 hours late for a photoshoot…and then getting petted and primped and fawned over and it was all very disgusting.  This is clearly […]

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