Yikes. Just caught myself staring off into space in a coffeeshop with my laptop in front of me. CLICHÉ. It’s okay. I accept it and give it an affectionate pat on the behind.

I rode the scooter to the coffeeshop and had a semi-near-almost death experience. Well, I’m being melodramatic but jeez. People in really large cars must trade in their eyeballs for them. Large car = BLIND. I gave him a honkety-honk and got to feel all disgruntled for a little bit. I appreciate these small shifts into technicolor – it’s like being in a Baz Lurhmann film.

I saw a beautiful piece of theatre last night: The Event, done by Need Theater, as part of the Fringe. It’s a one-man show, and the actor, Paul Dillon is brilliant. As C says, it’s kind of a love letter to actors (the entire piece is shaped on the analogy between theatre and existence), but anyone who’s ever been an audience member of anything will be a part of this.

Theatre critic am I not – it’s difficult for me to retrace my mental steps the day after. Also, there’s that fear of dissection…I’m happy to remain with the sensation of what I experienced. It may be the one area of my life I don’t need to analyze. All I can say is that I was deeply moved, held rapt in my chair for 70  minutes, and came away with artistic hope. The Event made me profoundly proud to be an actor.

If you’re in or around LA, it plays through Sunday in Hollywood. It needs eyes on it – it deserves to be seen. I can’t remember the last time I said that.

The Event - Paul Dillon

The Event - Need Theater