Okay! Goal for June! Do some form of exercise (working up to at least a dew on the forehead) every day this month!

Oh, crap. Now it’s public and I have public shame to face if I don’t do it. Well, that will motivate me. Right?

The three-day weekend always seems to usher in summer, and I’d like to experience this one feeling totally awesome in my various bikinis. Let’s go, glutesgamsabstrisquadsbishams! If Kim Kardashian Kan, so Kan You! Ah, Kim Kardashian. What’s she famous for, again? Oh yeah. Spicy home vids. Sigh. Doesn’t take much nowadays, does it. This whole internet-making-the-world-smaller thing has its drawbacks.

Right. Back to Fitness. So for today, June 1, I logged in 43 minutes on the Wii Fit Plus. Did a variety of yoga/strength exercises, and used my little 3lb weights when I could. The Wii is very encouraging, but also doesn’t hesitate to point out when you’re “shaky,” prone to tripping, or haven’t used the thing for awhile. Imagine – guilt from an electronic device.

The three# weights thing is from the wisdom of Tracy Anderson, who both inspires and frightens me. Actually, you want to know who scares the crap out me but also makes me look at her boobs? This lady. I mean, come on, right? But you know what? I dig this chick! She’s amazing!! She seems to be totally in touch with her body and her sexuality, and three cheers for that. She can do multiple pull-ups, and for that also, I give her many huzzahs. I’ve subjected myself to several of her workouts, and I have to say…once you peel yourself off the floor, you feel like a superhero. Good for the menfolk, too! Poor C has agreed to some of the workouts, and we’ve nearly died together. Romantic.

I have no delusions about looking like Zuzana (great for her, not appealing for me) but I admire her dedication, discipline, and abs. For me, confidence has always been about how I feel, what I’m carrying with me, what I’m eager to share. Sometimes, it’s all I can do to grimace. But that’s FINE.

With my name, I get a lot of comments about being a joy, what a joy you are, joyful, etc, etc. 99% of the time, I love hearing this, because it’s the part of me that’s fun to take along. But occasionally, I’ll want to rip off my hair and fling profanities at the person. Thank GOD my name isn’t Grace. With the amount of tripping, bonking of knees, and weird things I say, that might have been a doomsday moniker.

Back to fitness. Day 1, I win. Day 2…we’ll see. Wish me luck.