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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / June 2010

The Sweat

I want to speak, briefly, on the terror that is exercise. Now, I’m an active person. I walk places. When I’m in a hurry, I walk fast. I enjoy lifting the occasional weight. Mind you, if I flex a few times while carrying groceries, I think that counts. I’ve gone through bouts of intense workout. […]

The Event

Yikes. Just caught myself staring off into space in a coffeeshop with my laptop in front of me. CLICHÉ. It’s okay. I accept it and give it an affectionate pat on the behind. I rode the scooter to the coffeeshop and had a semi-near-almost death experience. Well, I’m being melodramatic but jeez. People in really […]

Larry the Stinger

So I discovered something new about C jr while on vacation last week in North Carolina. She can scream LOUD. But so would you, if you’d been stung by this: Okay, so that’s not the exact culprit, but it looked the same. Portugese Man O’War. Holy YOWSA. We were all out on the beach, just […]

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