Woop! Knew this would happen at some point….blog, baby, blog!!

I’m in a kind of fun dither – a friend is visiting from Norway, so I’m getting to think of all the cool places I want to share with her. We met on a trip to Korea…100 adoptees from all over the world traveled to Seoul for nine days. It was my first trip back since leaving as a baby, and I LOVED it.

And now, my Korean Norwegian friend is here! WOWSA!!

Norwegians are extremely cool, BTW. She brought this amazing Norwegian chocolate – it’s HUGE! And TASTY! Speaking of….

Okay, I had some.

As I was saying, body issues. C and I are heading to Las Vegas in early June (cashing in one of those promotional trip thingies) and I’m using it as an opportunity to motivate my lackluster exercise yen. You know, the pool at the Luxor, and whatnot. So I went on an exercise walk yesterday and sort of enjoyed it. I’m not someone who weighs myself or even counts calories (please, the math alone is a deterrant). Rather, I judge based on how my clothes fit. And how I feel. Healthy? Good! Bloaty? Yick! Hungry? Almost constantly!

As an actor in LA there can be a lot of pressure to have 0% body fat. And huge boobs. Which is ridiculous. I read an article recently about how casting directors are getting more and more frustrated with seeing women walk through the door who look nothing like their headshots. Meaning, the amount of plastic surgery/augmentation/collagen gone awry is reaching a saturation point. Ew. “Collagen” and “saturation” in the same sentence makes me think of the grease and fat left over in a frying pan full of bacon. BLECH. Anyhoo, so more and more women from the UK and Europe are finding work because – hold on to your hat – they look NATURAL. Like real women. Like, with lines and wrinkles and flesh.


I say, take back your bodies, American women!!! Instead of lipo, take an improv class! Say NO to Botox and YES to seeing a play! Let the Heidi Montags of the world convolute themselves into unrecognizable forms…the rest of us should just be glad we have feet!

That’s what another actor said to me one time, as we were both pacing the hallway, waiting to test for a pilot. “Well, at least we have our feet.”


Okay, off to use mine. Luxor pool, I’ll be strutting by your side in a matter of weeks.