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Triple A

Asian. Adoptee. Actor.

Month / May 2010

The Ring

So I’ve been relegated to my old paperweight of a laptop for the very best reason: C jr is typing out her play on our big ol’ desktop. Yes, she’s got a verbal stream of consciousness thing going, but I’m going to attempt to write while sitting next to her. Okay, just paused to discuss […]

The Guesthouse

Lately, I’ve been having this recurring ephiphany: I don’t like to work. Let me be more specific – I don’t like doing anything that feels like work. This is hardly unique, I know. But what it’s led to is an almost freakish resistance to do anything unless it’s creatively satisfying in some way. Because actually, […]

Finding the Queen

C and I have 50,000 pets. Okay, they’re not really pets. I mean, we can’t take them on walks. But they do produce the sweetest, richest, most interesting honey I’ve ever tasted. Did you know that all the worker bees are female? That every time you see a bee alight on a flower, or drag […]

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